1. does sourced by Mel offer consignment of vintage pieces?

we are always looking for new pieces. we purchase all pieces outright and do not offer consignment. please send us a message here describing the item and attaching images for further inspection. 

2. can everyone access the sourced by Mel archive studio?

no. the archive studio is only available to select stylists for special placements.

3. how can stylists pull from the archive studio?

submit a [pull request] with the following info: placement, artist, client, pull date, and return date. the stylist will be prompted to select pieces for approval from the archive studio. our team will respond in 24-48  hours. once approved, pulls will be prepared for pick-up during business hours Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

4. what are the archive studio pull fees?

a one-time fee of $250 is required for stylists, they can select up to 5 items per pull. if a stylist is working with more than one client, they must make a separate pull fee per client. the payment must be made prior to coming into the studio for the pull selects. 
*please note this fee does not cover the cost of cleaning the items prior to the return

5. how long can a stylist keep the pieces?

stylists are allotted a 7 day period keep the pieces. stylists are required to return the pieces not being worn by the client before the end of the 48-hour fitting window. once selections are made, we apply an additional 10% Cleaning and Restock fee to the selects. this fee covers the entirety of the loan period. 

6. does the archive studio allow alterations? or temporary alterations?

no. there is no tailoring of any kind allowed on the archival pieces. this strictly prohibits temporary tailoring – hemming, pinning, basting, etc. we ask that stylists only use tailored clips for fittings, no safety pins. if the pieces are returned with pinholes or any evidence of safety, the stylist will be responsible for the full cost of replacing the garment. 

7. is the stylist responsible for dry cleaning?

no. the cleaning and restock fee covers specialty dry cleaning and light repairs as needed (i.e. loose seams, hem issues, etc). 

8. is there a late fee?

yes. stylists will be charged a $45-per day late fee until pieces are returned. 
we understand that delays can happen. if a delay occurs, stylists are encouraged to communicate the delay and reasoning with the sourced by Mel archive team we may accommodate based on case. 

9. what happens if a piece gets damaged?

please reach out to the archive studio team immediately. if the damage is repairable, the stylist is responsible to pay the cost of the repair. if the damage is beyond repair, the stylist will be responsible for purchasing the piece. 

*we do not allow third-party tailors to work on our pieces. please do not commission a third-party tailor. stylists will be responsible for purchasing the item if indications of outside tailoring are found. 

10. what are the archive studio hours for pickups and returns?

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. please send a message to the team prior to arriving to the space for pickups and returns.

11. are the pieces in the archive studio available for purchase?

yes. the $250 pull fee will be applied to the total cost of the item wanting to be purchased.

12. how often do you add pieces to the archive studio?

we are constantly looking for and finding pieces to add to the archive studio. please note, most of the pieces available to pull are not available on the website.